How to Deal with Anxiety without Medication

How to Deal with Anxiety without Medication

Do you suffer from anxiety but don’t want to take medication to help with the problem? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from anxiety and anxiety attacks and don’t know where to turn. While medication may help you deal with the anxiety, it’s masking the symptoms or the very things that are causing you to feel anxious.

Some people that suffer from anxiety have taken prescription medications and found that panic away they’ve helped them better deal with or even overcome their anxiety. However, others have found that the minute they stopped taking the medications, they were instantly bothered by anxiety again. These patients felt that the medications may have lessened the symptoms but did not get down to the cause of the anxiety.

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In addition, many anxiety sufferers found that they experienced many negative side effects from the medications. They felt that they were exchanging one set of problems for another. The worst scenario is the possible addiction that can develop from long-term use of these medications. Why put yourself through all this when you can deal successfully with anxiety without the use of medications. Read below and learn some effective ways that have helped millions of people deal with their anxiety WITHOUT using medication.

Get some support-Find a good health professional that you can talk with about your anxiety. Your local physician may be able to recommend someone. Talk to your friends or family about your concerns or join a support group, but don’t be afraid to get help to get to the source of your anxiety. This is often the first and most important step.

If you are interested in becoming a healthcare professional to help others deal with their anxiety, consider a healthcare management degree online.

Lead a healthy lifestyle-Don’t ever underestimate the importance of a eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and getting exercise regularly. This will not only help you feel better physically but will help you feel better emotionally. Certain foods and drinks will aid in getting a good night’s sleep. Eating fresh fruits, green vegetables and foods rich in protein will help keep your body in balance. Avoid alcohol and drugs as these may often contribute or intensify your anxiety.

Learn about the symptoms, warning signs or anything that may trigger an anxiety attack. Don’t wait until you’ve had a full-blown anxiety attack. Often, if you know what to look for, you can avoid these things.

Take a warm bath with aromatherapy oils-These really are wonderful for relaxing the body and mind and are great after a stressful day or if you have a stressful event coming up that may cause more anxiety.

Learn the correct ways of breathing to decrease your anxiety. Slow breathing will help lessen symptoms of anxiety and can often stop an anxiety attack. Breathe in slowly, hold the breath for a few seconds, and slowly exhale. Doing these several times each day will really help you be more relaxed.

Meditation has been very effective for dealing with anxiety. It allows you to breathe properly, while focusing only on pleasant situations and things. Yoga, acupuncture and herbs have also been very effective non-medication treatments for anxiety.

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While many medical professionals will offer prescription medication as a first line defense, there are alternative treatment options available worth consideration.

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